Person Details

Jean-Pierre Millon

Jean-Pierre Millon, Former President and Chief Executive Officer of PCS Health Systems, Inc.

Director since March 2007

Age 73

Mr. Millon is the retired former President and Chief Executive Officer of PCS Health Systems, Inc., (“PCS”), a pharmacy benefit management company. Mr. Millon joined PCS in 1995, where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer from June 1996 until his retirement in September 2000. Prior to that, Mr. Millon served as an executive and held several global leadership positions with Eli Lilly and Company. Mr. Millon previously served on the board of Caremark from March 2004, upon Caremark’s acquisition of AdvancePCS, and as a director of AdvancePCS (which resulted from the merger of PCS and Advance Paradigm, Inc.) beginning in October 2000. He became a director of CVS Health upon the closing of the merger transaction involving CVS Health and Caremark. Mr. Millon has over 10 years of financial management experience and fifteen years of general functional management experience, including strategic planning experience specific to pharmacy benefit management companies as the former head of PCS. He also has extensive venture capital and public and private company board experience.

Mr. Millon’s extensive background and experience in the pharmacy benefit management, pharmaceutical and life sciences businesses, combined with his financial expertise, provide the Board with additional perspective across the enterprise and make him well qualified to serve as Chair of our Health Services and Technology Committee.