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We are transforming health care


CVS Health is well positioned to engage patients and tackle a system whose challenges have resulted in unnecessary spending and suboptimal outcomes.

For many, our company name remains synonymous with the nearly 10,000 retail locations we operate across the United States. Today’s CVS Health is, of course, so much more than that. CVS Caremark® makes us the nation’s largest pharmacy benefits manager, and we are also the leader in retail clinics, specialty pharmacy, and infusion. With our recent acquisition of Aetna®, CVS Health operates one of the nation’s premier health benefits companies as well. These businesses, working together as an enterprise, create a uniquely powerful platform that will open a new front door to health care and reshape the consumer experience.

Three strategic imperatives guide our transformation efforts: be local, make health care simple, and improve health. CVS Health offers more consumer touchpoints than any other health care company, and this enables us to offer care where, when, and how patients need it—in the community, in the home, or even in the palm of their hand through digital devices. And because we already engage with one in three Americans as part of their everyday activities, we can simply build our programs and services into their existing routines.

The current system drives patients to be health care decision makers, but they lack the tools needed to navigate effectively. We’re going to change that and help guide patients along their health care journeys by providing more convenient access to the information, resources, and services they need. And by aligning the capabilities of Aetna with our consumer-centric assets, we will more effectively deliver on our purpose of helping people on their path to better health.

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Alan Lotvin

“Our businesses are industry leaders in their own right. Taken together, though, they provide us with opportunities to create unique products and services that no other company can. We are primed to transform the health care industry as we know it today.”
Alan M. Lotvin, M.D.
Executive Vice President – Transformation