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We are making it simple


MinuteClinic Video Visits and our real-time benefits solution are just two of the many ways in which we are making care more accessible for patients.

Our more than 1,100 MinuteClinic locations help people on their path to better health by making high-quality medical care more convenient and affordable. Thanks to our new collaboration with Teladoc, patients with minor illnesses or injuries can schedule a MinuteClinic Video Visit without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Available through the CVS Pharmacy app or at minuteclinic.com, this service matches each patient to a board-certified health care provider licensed in his or her state. This option has improved access to care for people who live too far from one of our locations and for those who require help outside of core business hours. Currently available in 19 states, we expect that MinuteClinic Video Visits will be available nationwide by the end of 2019.

Too often, someone has picked up a prescription only to discover that its cost is higher than expected, that the drug isn’t covered by their plan, or that the pharmacy is no longer in-network. Through our real-time benefits solution, we’re making this problem a thing of the past for CVS Caremark plan members. Working across about two dozen EHR and e-prescribing systems, we put member-specific information into the hands of health care professionals at the point of prescribing. As a result, doctors can know the cost of a selected drug based on the specific patient’s plan design. We also suggest clinically appropriate alternatives, identify restrictions, and confirm whether a selected pharmacy is in-network. We are now reaching 100,000 prescribers, and our data shows that physicians are switching patients to a different medication approximately 75 percent of the time when the requested medication isn’t covered.

Information across all points of care can help inform smarter decisions and save money




of scripts are written electronically;
an opportunity to streamline experience




of consumers prefer to hear about lowestcost offers from their pharmacist




of consumers are looking for better price transparency



of patients using MinuteClinic Video Visits indicated they preferred a telehealth visit to an in-person visit

Derica Rice

“Who hasn’t had the experience of picking up a prescription only to find out that it’s far more expensive than expected? Our real-time benefits solution is a powerful example of our efforts to make prescription costs more transparent—at the point of prescribing, through our digital capabilities, and at the pharmacy counter.”
Derica W. Rice
Executive Vice President and President – CVS Caremark