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We are improving engagement


Our retail locations and digital outreach are fundamental to our community health strategy and play a key role in our efforts to simplify the patient journey.

Eyewear prescriptions or contact lenses may not currently be at the top of most CVS Pharmacy shopping lists, but consumers can now find Optical Centers inside select locations. This new offering is just one of the ways in which our stores have begun serving the broader health care needs of our customers.

In fact, we have begun testing a series of HealthHUB® concept stores that bring additional care services to consumers in a more convenient, accessible, and customer-focused manner. Design features include care concierges who provide nutritional counseling and other health and wellness support, a curated selection of products, and new MinuteClinic services. Among them, we are providing in-clinic phlebotomy and enhanced screenings for chronic disease. Through the CVS Pharmacy app and other digital tools, we can support customer progress outside the store. As we identify the solutions that are most effective and scalable, we will roll them out more broadly across our retail footprint.

A simpler, more personalized program for joint replacements provides yet another example of our work to improve the patient journey. Our focus: better coordination of care before and after surgery compared to the typical process patients face today. Our approach includes arranging transportation to and from the procedure, supplying durable medical equipment to the patient’s home before the operation, conducting the required pre-op blood work, and providing post-op support, including medication reconciliation and delivery. As a result, we can help patients achieve their best health outcomes.

Key components of the HealthHUB


Front store

Added thousands of new health and wellness items to our store shelves, as well as an expanded assortment of durable medical equipment.



Powered by a rich clinical data set, our pharmacy teams are providing personalized prescription support and next best health actions to patients.



We are introducing new clinical services, such as screenings and enhanced care management programs for chronic disease, as well as in-clinic phlebotomy.


Health care services

We’re now offering even more services, including nutritional counseling, online dietary program sign-ups, home health care product support and more.

Kevin Hourican

“CVS Health has nearly 10,000 stores that are an important part of their communities. We want to build upon that trust by enhancing the health care services we provide in our stores­—making them more accessible and meaningfully improving patient health.”
Kevin P. Hourican
Executive Vice President and President – CVS Pharmacy