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Our unique suite of assets drives unmatched patient engagement


We’re serving customers and plan members on their own terms and addressing unique conditions with customized interventions.

Our flagship Pharmacy Advisor® program has long provided plan members with one-on-one counseling at any CVS Pharmacy location or through one of our call centers. By applying predictive analytics to detailed member pharmacy data, we can also determine at what point in treatment a member may become non-adherent. Through our HealthTag® technology, we’re also making it easier for clients and strategic partners to include customized messages on prescription bags such as the need for an exam. Engagement takes many other forms as well. For example, about half of all patients on multiple medications report being confused about how and when to take them. That’s why every CVS Pharmacy now offers customers a ScriptPathTM Prescription Schedule on request. Using easy-to-follow icons, this personalized guide maps out exactly which prescriptions to take and when.

Targeted interventions through Pharmacy Advisor can deliver greater adherence up to:



for hypertension medication



for antidiabetics



for cholesterol therapy


HealthTag recipients were


more likely to get a flu vaccine due to targeted HealthTag messaging, compared to a control group