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Innovation is central to promoting health


At the doctor’s office and at the pharmacy, we’re offering new solutions to drive adherence and provide plan members with transparent access to information at critical decision points.

Research shows that plan members often feel they do not have adequate knowledge about the use of formularies or the drugs covered by their plan. Through real-time benefits, we’re putting member-specific information into the hands of health care professionals at the point of prescribing. As a result, prescribers can know the cost of a selected drug based on the patient’s plan design. We also suggest clinically appropriate alternatives, identify restrictions, and confirm whether a selected pharmacy is in network. Our integrated technology enables the pharmacist to see the same list of clinically appropriate formulary alternatives.

CVS Health is also deploying a set of machine learning techniques to determine why a given individual stops taking his or her medications. We can microsegment our patient population, derive new insights into their behavior, and deliver appropriate interventions across our vast suite of enterprise assets.



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