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2017 in Review

“Health care costs in the United States are rising at a remarkable pace, driven in large part by an aging population and the increased prevalence of chronic disease. To address today’s challenges and play a larger role in the evolution of health care, CVS Health has assembled a unique suite of assets that allows us to deliver superior outcomes at a lower cost. Beyond their formidable standalone capabilities, we’ve integrated these assets to fill unmet needs and create opportunities to redefine health care for all our stakeholders.”

Larry Merlo, President and Chief Executive Officer

Letter to Shareholders

At the heart of health

What does it mean to be at the heart of health?
For CVS Health, it’s about addressing the unique challenges of today’s health care environment and developing solutions that will lead to better health care delivery in the years to come. Over the next few pages, you’ll learn about some of the many steps we’re taking to improve outcomes while also providing more value for clients and patients. We’re accomplishing this through a broad set of innovations across the spectrum of health care that leverage our unique suite of assets. Through them, we’re able to engage patients and help them live healthier lives in ways that no other health care company can.