Growth Drivers

Industry tailwinds that will increase demand for prescriptions include the aging population, healthcare reform and rising specialty drug introductions and utilization. We are uniquely positioned to capture an outsized share of this growth through our various enterprise channels and competitive advantages:

  • Integrated enterprise – In 2008, Caremark’s managed and dispensed claims totaled 740 million, and we filled 275 million of those scripts through our retail, mail, or specialty channels. In 2015, Caremark’s managed and dispensed claims grew to nearly 1.2 billion, and 470 million of all PBM claims were filled through one of our enterprise channels, highlighting our ability to capture a growing share of a growing pie. This enterprise metric demonstrates that the value of a life is greater to CVS Health than it is to our pure-play peers, as we have more ways to touch those lives and derive value.
  • Differentiated pharmacy solutions – Our unique products such as Maintenance Choice and Pharmacy Advisor remain unmatched in the marketplace.
  • Specialty capabilities – We have broadened our specialty capabilities through the acquisitions of Coram and Novologix, and introduced innovative integrated offerings such as Specialty Connect. All of this combined has helped us become the largest specialty pharmacy in the country – where we can holistically manage the patient, not just the drug.
  • Leading Medicare Part D provider - We acquired incremental lives from several Part D providers over the years and are now a leading provider in the fast-growing Med D space.
  • Scale - With our combined retail and mail volume, as well as our generic sourcing venture with Cardinal Health, we have unrivaled scale and expertise which allows us to be a low-cost provider.
  • Largest retail clinic provider – We are the largest retail clinic provider and the only PBM that can offer reduced co-pays at MinuteClinics, providing high-quality, cost-effective care.