Anne M. Finucane

Director since January 2011

Age 64

Ms. Finucane has been Vice Chairman of Bank of America Corporation (“BOA”), an international financial services company, since July 2015 and is a member of the executive management team at BOA. From 2006 through July 2015 Ms. Finucane served as Global Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for BOA and served as Northeast Market President for BOA from 2004 through July 2015. During her nineteen-plus years as a senior leader at BOA and its legacy firms, Ms. Finucane has served as senior advisor to four chief executive officers and the Board of Directors. Ms. Finucane is responsible for the strategic positioning of Bank of America and oversees the public policy, customer research and analytics, global marketing, communications and corporate social responsibility efforts for the company. She is chair of BOA’s Environmental, Social and Governance Committee and is also chair of the Bank of America Charitable Foundation.

Ms. Finucane’s experience in the financial services industry, consumer policy, strategy, marketing, corporate social responsibility and government affairs provides the Board with valuable insight in those key areas.