We leverage our full circle of care for partners

We can partner with all PBMs and health plans, leveraging our enterprise assets and capabilities to meet their individual needs.

The winners in pharmacy care will be those who keep patients the healthiest and deliver the greatest overall health care value. With CVS Pharmacy as the anchor of our suite of enterprise assets, we offer a compelling value proposition-especially in an era of consumer-directed health care. With our menu of pharmacy, long-term care, MinuteClinic, and infusion services, CVS Pharmacy can be the partner of choice for health plans and all PBMs, not just our own. Our new strategic relationship with OptumRx is a great example. In addition to a 90-day in-store prescription offering, we will activate Health Tag messaging at point of sale and provide ExtraCare® health cards that offer savings to OptumRx members. In another example that highlights how we can partner with a non-PBM client, we used a combination of our retail assets and clinical programs to drive adherence and improve the client’s Medicare Part D quality ratings. We integrated the client’s clinical rules engine into our workflow so our pharmacists could counsel their members, implemented ScriptSync, and delivered clinical counseling through our call centers.


adjusted prescriptions dispensed or managed annually


of Medicare lives we serve are in either four- or five-star plans

2 million+

patients have enrolled in ScriptSync since its inception