Our solutions reflect evolving health care needs

In an era of rising costs, CVS Health is the optimal partner to deliver savings and help improve outcomes for all health care stakeholders.

In our retail pharmacies, innovations such as first-fill counseling, our signature Pharmacy Advisor® program, and ScriptSync® are just a few of the ways in which we drive best-in-class adherence rates and help improve outcomes for patients. Meanwhile, CVS Caremark® draws on a broad range of capabilities to manage costs for PBM clients. They include our leadership in providing solutions to ensure that the patients we serve have access to the right drug at the lowest cost. We have led the way in formulary innovations and were the first PBM to exclude high-cost drugs from our formulary in favor of less expensive clinical equivalents. Specialty patients drive a large portion of health care costs, a trend that will accelerate as the population ages. To reduce costs and improve outcomes, CVS SpecialtyTM has moved well beyond a basic specialty offering. Our enhanced care management model includes, among other things, more than 250 rare-disease nurses, comorbidity management, symptom management, and social support. This high level of patient engagement results in fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations and can produce up to an 11 percent reduction in the overall health care costs associated with a given managed condition.

Pharmacy Advisor has increased adherence by nearly


Cost management solutions have lowered client trend to an average of only


$9 billion

in aggregate client savings driven by managed formularies since 2012