Complex Challenges Get Simpler

CVS Specialty solutions are driving better outcomes while addressing rising costs in the fastest-growing pharmacy segment.

For people with complex medical conditions, specialty drugs can literally be lifesavers. With so many promising new specialty drugs in the pipeline, this market’s annual sales are expected to reach $130 billion in 2016—and $220 billion just four years after that. As the nation’s largest specialty pharmacy, we’ve developed solutions that improve patient care while helping to control these soaring costs. For example, only CVS Specialty has embedded certified rare disease care management nurses from our Accordant subsidiary into the specialty pharmacy process. This resulted in an objective improvement in clinical quality and significantly reduced disease-related hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Customers have embraced Specialty Connect, which gives them the flexibility of picking up their medications at any CVS Pharmacy instead of waiting for home delivery. This integrated offering has led to significant gains in adherence. And only CVS Specialty has the tools to manage payor costs for all specialty medications, including those that are infused or paid under the medical benefit.

CVS Specialty is a market leader, with nearly

$40 billion

in specialty revenues in 2015