A Conversation Goes a Long Way

CVS Pharmacy fills more than one in every five prescriptions in the United States, and this leadership role positions us to drive improvements in medication adherence.

It’s no secret that proper use of prescription drugs is the most cost-effective way of treating illness. Yet getting patients on the right regimens and keeping them adherent is a challenge that results in $300 billion in avoidable costs annually. With approximately 9,600 retail pharmacies across the country, CVS Pharmacy leverages the power of the face-to-face interactions that take place daily between our 30,000 pharmacists and our customers. They have helped us achieve the best adherence numbers in the industry. Moreover, we use advanced analytics to tailor interventions based on customer preferences and demographics. For example, a patient who has been on a medication for many years requires different services than one who is picking up a prescription for the very first time. Among our newest solutions, ScriptSync™ enables patients with multiple medications to consolidate eligible maintenance prescriptions to one monthly pickup date. By reducing the number of trips a customer has to make, we’re removing yet another barrier to good health.

CVS Pharmacy adherence rates are, on average,


percentage points better than for our peers for diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension therapies

Lack of adherence costs the U.S. health care system an estimated

$300billion annually

Annually ScriptSync enrolled


patients in 2015